Just looking through our inbox and, according to a bunch of marketers, Christmas is coming. Thanks for the reminder – it’s an easy one to miss.

Just so we’re contributing to the festivities, here’s some early ideas to fill the musical stockings of the guitar lover in your life:

Ernie Ball Drinks Coasters

ernie-ball-coastersProbably the most recognisable guitar string packets in the world, now there’s a set of all those bright and breezy Ernie Ball strings packets to park your beer on. They’e all here; Regular Slinky, Super Slinky, Hybrid (for a Snakebite?) and Heavy Bottom (Guinness…?). Drinks mats to get folks talking. Set of six.

Gibson Logo Flex Hat

gibson-fles-hatStretchy baseball-style flex hat with the famous Nashville guitar company’s logo loud and proud on the front. Even if you don’t own a Gibson, nobody will know that as you walk down the street looking smug.

Try carrying an empty guitar case too, just to really have them fooled. Wear with pride.

Fender Stratocaster Bottle Opener


A nice touch, perhaps, to go with the Ernie Ball drinks coasters. You can never have enough bottle openers.

Here’s Fender’s official Strat opener, made from stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

Now get those beers in so you can try it out.

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch – Pick Maker

pickmaster-plectrum-punch-pick-makerCareful here or this could be the last thing you ever buy. Cuts your expired (NOT your current) credit cards into plectrums (plectra?). Picks. Whatever. So instead of throwing our all those old credit and store cards you start building a multicolored collection of unique picks.

Every note you subsequently play will be helping to save the planet, although admittedly not much. Neat though. Get cutting.

Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Guitar

washburn-roverNeat travel guitar with full 24″ scale length and grown-up neck width. Bound mahogany body with solid sapele top and bound neck. Supplied with hard, plush-lined case plus a strap, picks and a ‘Play’ CD Rom. Optimistic to fit this into a stocking but they’ll love it anyway.

Essential for frequent-flyers, mountaineers or astronauts.

Nice travel guitar from a longstanding and respected USA manufacturer.

Marshall MS2 Mini-Amp

marshall-ms2-mini-ampA mighty one watt output, battery powered and armed with clean and overdrive channels and a headphone output which also works as a line out.

Marshall claim these have been mic’ed up in pro studios – and why not?

Someone should try running a 10×10 grid of these, all mounted on a backboard, turn them all up full and see how the sound compares with a normal Marshall 100w stack.

Ok, maybe just start with the one for now… Good stocking-filler – unwrap and crank it up.

Grip Studios Custom Guitar Wall Hanger

grip-studios-guitar-grip-hangerStaying with the heavy metal fraternity, here’s Grip Studio’s ‘Metal Mayhem’ design guitar hanger. Nothing guitarists like more than to show off their favourite axe (or axes) by putting them right there in the middle of the living room wall.

A cool alternative to the normal wood’n’rubber wall-hangers for guitars, the Grip Studios Metal Mayhem fist features a high-gloss metallic finish and is strong enought to hang any guitar or bass. A TAH3 cushion insert protects the guitar neck from metallic fingerprints.

But is it available left-handed??? Turmoil.

Leathercraft Guitar Strap

leathercraft-guitar-strapA step-up into the luxury end of the crowded guitar strap marketplace. This is a real piece of craft.

Premium quality, UK-made leather guitar strap with embossed ‘Celtic’ design.

2″ wide by 54″ long (max) – adjustable length. Suitable for electric, bass and acoustic guitars.

Or, for a less expensive option, try a classic Fender monogrammed, woven strap:



For another Christmas gift idea why not consider a Guitar Starter Packs – everything you need to start learning guitarguitar starter pack – turn an air-guitarist into a real one!





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