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News, views and buying advice for guitars, amps and accessories.


Welcome to Guitar Congress

Here you will find news, views and buying advice for guitars, basses, amplifiers, pedals and accessories. We have no brand-allegiance, we just like anything that helps guitar players express themselves – if it sounds great, looks great or brings something new to the party, we’ll be taking a look.

We aim to write for anyone who loves the guitar, or is thinking of taking up the instrument. Beginners through to seasoned players and collectors are all equally welcome.

Whether it’s a guitar starter pack or a Custom Shop dream-machine, a budget multi-effects processor or an expensive boutique pedal, we’ll have an opinion – and we’d like to hear yours, so please get involved on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or by subscribing to our blog.

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Affiliate disclosure

We will, where possible, provide purchase links to products we mention in our posts. There’s no need to click through or buy, but when someone does, we earn a modest commission. Hey, we gotta eat… As mentioned above though, we have no allegiance to any brand – we write about stuff that catches our eye (or ear) regardless of who makes it or sells it.

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